Our podcast playlist for when you’re inside

Team Vaaka

This list started out as a ‘Hey! have you listened to…?’ on our team Slack channel. As it grew we thought ‘Why not share it?’

So here’s our podcast playlist for when you can’t step out.

We’re big fans of Revisionist History so we have two episodes we want to share: The Obscure Virus Club and Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis (The second one is Revisionist History Gold.)

Have you listened to Reply All’s The Case of the Missing Hit? (No? How have you not heard this yet?)

We’re allowed to share episodes we’ve made too right? Episode 7 from season 1 of In the Field looked at falling female workforce participation in India.

We also think you’ll like ‘Why do I have to learn all this? Can’t I just Google it?’

Hermanos’ from season 2 of Mark Pagan’s podcast Other Men Need Help. (Follow Other Men Need Help on Instagram for the weekly diary entries Mark puts together.)

The episode of Heavyweight called Jimmy and Mark asks what was the most adventurous and outrageous thing you did when you were young? Dreaming of simpler days, when childhood adventures were larger than life might be just the thing we need in these trying times.

Your first love: beautiful and tender, or was it painful and scarred you for life? Heavyweight is always great but this episode called Galit is intensely personal. Listen to it, and use this free time to think back on your first love. Or not. (Just don’t call or text okay?)

It might seem insensitive to suggest a show called Death, Sex, Money at this time, but listening to the always funny Anne Lamott talk about these things with Anna Sale, might be just the thing you need to get you out of your #socialdistancing funk.

Can’t see your best friends? Making do with Whatsapp Video calls and wine? Well, let’s raise a toast to female friendships (okay, okay ALL friendships) and delve back in to the wonder of Ferrante, Lenu and Lina…on this fangirl episode of The Cut.

We’ve been enjoying the Women in Labour podcast that was recently launched on March 8th. The hosts banter always brings a smile to our face. This episode features Mahima Kaul and talks about work, pregnancy and parenting.

An episode of the literary podcast LitPickers that talks Tolkein. If you think #covid19 is bad, take a moment to spare a thought for poor old Frodo and Sam, who had to fight orcs, ringwraiths and Gollum and had to forgo the pleasure of second breakfasts along the way.

Haven’t had enough of virus talk? Portuguese listeners can tune into 37 Graus’s ZIKA series. A must listen!

Where should we begin? With Esther Perel. Speak to me in French. Because who doesn’t love Esther?

Here’s the episode of Love and Radio that got one team member hooked on to podcasts. Listen to The Living Room.

A peabody award winning episode from This American Life about the subprime mortgage crisis that gets referenced all the time in podcasting circles for its brilliant reporting. Listen to The Giant Pool of Money.

Here’s another episode from This American Life that handles a really difficult topic in a totally satisfying way. 5 Women.

We’re ending with two episodes of Reply All: Long Distance Part 1 and Part 2.

All we’ll say is, “Anonymous”.

Leave us a comment if you have any suggestions on what you think we should be listening to!

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